Aluminium Products

Whether you’re looking for bi-folding doors, a conservatory or a new set of windows, Pacific Window’s premium aluminium range is long-lasting and durable

Lightweight and rust-proof, aluminium windows and doors are a great contemporary choice for your home. Available in shades including charcoal and silver, our aluminium products manufactured by Liniar have a slimline fit, meaning there’s a larger area of glass – cue lighter, airier rooms in your home.

Whatever colour frames you choose for the exterior of your home, you can opt to have the interior in a different shade, making it so easy to match your windows with your internal decor.

As always with a purchase from Pacific Windows, there’s a quality work guarantee and 10-year promise on the product. And, with quality fittings and furniture available too, security is more than taken care of. Call us for a consultation today.